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Related Articles Book option stock trading October 25, July 11, binary option ldapsearch, January 26, In this case when a restore is ldapsearch binary option, the directory server and the replication ldapsearch binary option are restored to their state before the back up, and no memory of subsequent changes remains. Lldapsearch directory server provides a task back end for processing administrative tasks, such as backups and restores. Binwry can specify the start time for a backup or restore by using the -t ldapsearc --start option.

If one of these options is provided, the utility exits immediately after scheduling the task. To schedule a task for immediate execution and have the utility exit immediately after scheduling the task, specify 0 as the value for the start time. If the -t or --start option is omitted, the utility schedules the task for immediate execution and tracks the task's progress, printing log messages bibary they are available and exiting when the task has completed.

Access to the task back end is provided over SSL through the administration connector. If you schedule the backup as a task, you must therefore specify how the SSL certificate will be trusted. This example schedules a backup for execution at a future time. The -X option specifies that all certificates presented ldapsearch binary option the server binary option ldapsearch trusted.

View information about the scheduled task by using the manage-tasks command. All configuration settings for a directory server instance are stored in the config. The directory server automatically saves the config. The file is saved ldapsearch binary option two specific times:.

If ldapsearch binary option current configuration does not match binary option ldapsearch archived configuration, the server saves the config.

Whenever a directory administrator makes changes to the configuration by using the dsconfig utility with the server online, the directory server saves the config. This directory lists each saved configuration file, compresses it as a. For example, you can see archived config. Directory and system administrators should have a disaster recovery plan in place in case a natural, human-induced, or catastrophic disaster occurs.

If your directory service is distributed over multiple individual servers, back up all the servers individually or forex grid trading pdf up all the directory data from a central location.

Alternatively, consider replication as a backup and restore strategy. Replication provides faster restores and more update data from another replicated server.

Make a backup of all back ends by using the --backUpAll option, for example:. Store the archived data, configuration directory, schema subdirectory, log files and installation directory together in a single location. For certain deployments, file system snapshot technologies offer a viable alternative to the traditional backup. On Solaris systems, ZFS enables file system snapshots that are space efficient, very quick to create, and portable between systems.

By dedicating a Directory Server per data center, or two if your entire service runs in one data center, you ldapsearch binary option an effective, redundant solution for restoring data as part of your disaster recovery plan. Because the Directory Server is dedicated to backup, configure the server as a read-only replica if you have not already done so. When you restore a server binary option ldapsearch the snapshot of the read-only replica, the restored server accepts only replication traffic until you enable writability, after the server has caught up with other replicas in the topology.

Do not keep snapshots longer than ldapsearch binary option replication purge delay, because when you restore from a snapshot, the replication forex trading apps android has to forex cross pair strategy able to replay all the missing changes on the replica. Adapt the configuration as necessary to use the host name and port numbers of the Directory Server to restore.

Monitor replication until you observe that the Directory Server is synchronized with other replicas in the topology. Set the writability-mode to enabledallowing the Directory Server option ldapsearch binary process write operations from clients. You can restore data by using the restore utility. The optjon utility allows you to ldapsearch binary option only one back end at a time.

The directory server must be stopped prior to a restore, unless you are scheduling a option ldapsearch binary task, or you are restoring data that has been signed or hashed. Display the backup information by running the restore command with the --listBackups option. Typically, system administrators run a weekly full backup with daily incremental backups. Optipn aware that it takes longer to restore your system from incremental backups.

You can specify the start time for a restore by using the ldapsearch binary option or --start option. Access to lsapsearch task back end is provided over SSL, using the administration connector. If you schedule the restore as a task, you must therefore specify how the SSL certificate will binary options brokers minimum deposit trusted.

Schedule the restore ldapsearch binary option using the -t or --start option of the restore command. The following optio restores the userRoot back end at a scheduled start time by using the --start option.

The restore sends a completion and error notification to admin example. You optiion need to restore the configuration file to transfer the configuration to another server, for disaster recovery purposes, or for other events.

In general, if a server is online, the current configuration file is equivalent to the latest archived configuration file. However, you can choose to restore the config. Manually decompress the archived configuration file, using a decompression utility such as ldapsearch binary option.

Copy the file to the config directory, replacing binary option ldapsearch current config. Performing binary restores in replicated environments requires special care depending on your replicated topology. If possible, update your back end free forex bonus using the replication mechanisms in your system instead of restoring it from a ldapsearch binary option.

Replication has distinct advantages over traditional tape backups. Data restores are much faster than tape restores, and the data is more up to date. However, tapes are still needed in the event that the replicated data is corrupt and has been ldapsearch binary option to other servers. You cannot restore an old bonary to a master server because it might binary option ldapsearch out of date. Rather allow the replication mechanism to bring a master up to date with the other master servers by setting that master to read-only.

If you must restore a replicated server, reinitialize the server from one of the other replicated servers by importing an LDIF file. For very large databases millions of entriesmake a binary copy of one server and restore it on the other replicated server. If you have a fairly recent backup one that is not older than the maximum age of the change log contents on any of the other replicated serversyou can alternative trading system rules that version to restore your data.

When the old backup is restored, the other servers will update that server with recent updates ldapsearch binary option since the backup was saved. If ldapsewrch run regular backups, the backup files might start to consume too much disk space.

You must remove the old backup files manually to create space for new ones. When you delete backup files manually, ensure that you do not break any dependencies between xfx forex sets.

For example, to remove the oldest backup of the userRoot database in ldapsearvh preceding step, run the ldapsearch binary option command:.

You can display the contents of the backup. The directory server provides a suite of LDAPv3-compliant command-line tools, including a sophisticated look-up operation in the form ldapsearch binary option a search function and filters.

You can also use Oracle Directory Services Manager to search directory data.

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This section explains how to use the ldapsearch command-line utility and Oracle Directory Services Ldapsearch binary option to locate entries in the directory. The ldapsearch command allows you to enter a search request where you specify the host name, port, bind DN and password plus search criteria to locate entries in the directory.

The client then performs a bind operation to the directory server by attempting to match binary option ldapsearch given entry, which effectively authenticates the client.

Ldapsearch binary option

Most users have the option to bind as binar particular user, such as a Directory Administrator or themselves, or to not bind as any user, option ldapsearch binary which case the directory server assumes that the user is bound as an anonymous user. Because all access to directory data is based on ldapsearch binary option a connection is bound, the directory server checks the client's privileges to see if the client can run a particular search operation.

After the directory server checks optionshouse or trademonster user's access rights, the client passes a search request consisting of a set of search criteria and options to the directory server.

The directory server searches all entries that match forex cross pair strategy search criteria and options.

If an error occurs, the directory server displays an error message indicating the error. Finally, the client closes the connection when the search operation has completed. The list of attributes must appear after the search filter. The ldapsearch command has many options to search entries in the directory.

Options are allowed in either their short form for example, ldapsearch binary option baseDN or their long form for example, --baseDN. The most common command options to use with ldapsearch are as follows:. Specifies the host name or IP address of the directory server on which the search should be run. It can be an IP address or a resolvable name. If this is not provided, a default value of localhost is used.

Specifies the directory server port. It should be an integer value between 1 andinclusive. If this is not provided, a default port of is used. Specifies the base DN to use for the search operation.

If a file containing multiple filters is provided using the --filename option, this base DN is used for all of the searches. This is a required option. Searches only the entry specified by optiontrade pips binary --baseDN or -b option. Searches only the entry specified by the --baseDN or -b option and its immediate children. Searches the entire subtree whose base is the entry specified by the --baseDN or -b option.

This is the default option when no --searchScope option is provided. Specifies the DN to use when binding to the directory server through simple authentication. This option is not required when using SASL authentication or anonymous binding. Specifies the password to use when binding to the directory server. It is not required if anonymous binding is used. This option must not be used with the --bindPasswordFile option. To prompt for the password, type -w. Sets the maximum length of time in seconds that the directory server should spend processing any binary option ldapsearch request.

If this is not provided, no time limit is imposed by the client. Sets the maximum number of matching entries that the directory server should return to the client. If this is ldapsearch binary option provided, no maximum size is imposed by the client. Sorts the results before returning them to the client. The ldapsearch binary option order is a comma-delimited list of option ldapsearch binary keys, where each sort key consists of the following elements:.

If this value is omitted, the sort uses ascending order by default. The name of the attribute binary option ldapsearch sort the data. This element is required. An optional colon followed by the name or OID of the matching rule used to perform the sort.

If this is not ldapsearch binary option, the default ordering matching rule for the specified attribute type is used. For example, the sort order string sn,givenName sorts the entries in ascending order first by sn and then by givenName.

ldapsearch binary option

Alternately, using -modifyTimestampthe directory server sorts the modifyTimestamp attributes with the most recent values optlon. The ldapsearch command requires three sets of information to specify where and what to search in the directory information vforce forex factory. By specifying the base DN, you are defining the topmost distinguished name DN or starting point in the directory option ldapsearch binary conduct the search.

All searches begin at or below the base DN, depending on the scope, and ldapsearch binary option down the tree, never upwards. Examples of base DNs are: The scope determines which optino of entries at or below the base DN should be evaluated by the search filter.

The search scope and base DN together indicate "where" to look for entries in the directory. The search filter specifies the conditions that the entries must meet to be returned to the client. The directory server provides seven types of search filters, defined in the LDAP protocol. With each search filter type, you use operators that test the relationships between two entities, attribute and value. The following table shows how search filters are used to return specific entries best way to learn binary options a search query.

Although most directory servers accept filters without the parentheses and quotation marks, it is good practice to opgion them. Run an initial substring search that looks for all attribute values that have the bknary Ber at the start of the string: Specify the middle substring of an attribute value. Specify the end of a substring of an attribute value. Or you can specify some combination of substrings. Substring filters do not use true wild cards such as in ldasearch listings or regular expressions.

Thus, the following binarg would be invalid because of too many criteria: Typically, you must escape the UTF-8 encoding with a backslash. A UTF-8 encoding is represented with an escaped backslash. You must ldapsearch binary option special characters for example, a space, backslash, asterisk, ootion, period, or others by using the escape backslash. Generally, binry quotation marks around strings that contain a space. The following examples show the use of the ldapsearch command with various search options.

If the example does not specify a scope with the --searchScope or -s optionldapsearch assumes that the binary option ldapsearch is subordinate or subwhich returns the full subtree of the base DN.

If no --bindDN and --bindPassword are specified, the search uses an anonymous bind. If no --hostname is specified, the default localhost is used. The binary option mastery filter looks for all entries that have one or more object classes with any value. Because all entries have several object class definitions, the filter guarantees that all entries will be returned. You can use an equality filter to locate binary option ldapsearch specific user ldapsearch binary option the directory.

Ldapsearcj example locates an employee with the common name of "Frank Albers". You can use an equality filter to locate an entry's attribute s in the directory.

Specify one or more attributes by placing them after the search filter. This example locates the telephoneNumber and mail attributes from ldapseach user entry for Frank Albers.

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Together with the search base DN, the scope determines what part of the directory information tree DIT is examined. A base scope binay only the level specified by the base DN and none of its child entries. You specify a base scope by using the --searchScope base option or its short form equivalent -s binqry. Run the ldapsezrch command with the --searchScope base option. A one-level scope examines only the level immediately below the base DN.

You specify a one-level scope by using the --searchScope one option or its short form equivalent binary option ldapsearch one. This example displays the entries immediately below the binary option ldapsearch DN. Run the ldapsearch ldapsearch binary option with the --searchScope one option. The subtree scope examines the subtree below the base DN and includes the base DN level.

You specify a subtree scope using the --searchScope ldapsearch binary option option, or its short form equivalent -s sub. If you do not specify the --searchScopeldapsearch assumes a subtree scope.

Run the ldapsearch command with the ldaspearch sub option. The ldapsearch command provides a convenient option to check if an o;tion is present in the directory. Use the --typesOnly option or its short form equivalent forexpros gbp usd chart to ldapsearchh the directory server to display the attribute names but not their values.

Ldapsearch binary option the ldapsearch command with the --typesOnly option. User attributes as opposed to operational attributes store user information in the directory. If you do option ldapsearch binary specify the asterisk, ldspsearch user attributes are returned by default. You must forex trading jamaican dollar the asterisk appropriately for your shell.

You can use ldapsearch to return only the base DNs ldapsearch binary option entries that match the search filter by including a 1. Run the oprion command, specifying 1. Ldapsearch binary option can search all entries where the attributes are referenced by a specific object class by prepending a character to the object option ldapsearch binary name.

For example, to view all entries that have an object class of groupOfUniqueNamesinclude groupOfUniqueNames after the search filter. Run the ldapsearch command, specifying and the object class after the search filter. The ldapsearch command provides the --countEntries to return the total ldapsearch binary option of matching binady returned by the directory server.

The directory server returns all entries that match the search filter and displays the total number on the last line. This example determines the number of employee entries whose location is Cincinnati. Ldapsearcn the ldapsearch command with options trading in extended hours --countEntries option.

You can combine and nest boolean operators and filters together to form complex expressions. The following example searches for all entries for employees named Jensen who work in Cupertino.

The command returns two results. You can place complex or multiple filters in a file by using the --filename option. If the file contains multiple filters, the file should be structured with one filter per line.

Searches are performed using the same connection to the directory server in the order ldapseach which they appear in the filter file. If the --filename option is used, any trailing options are treated as separate attributes. Option ldapsearch binary, the first trailing option must be the search filter. This example searches all entries for employees named Jensen who work in Cupertino and who do not work alternative trading system rules the Accounting department.

For this example, create a file called myfilter. You can limit the number of entries that are returned by using the -z or --sizeLimit option. If the number of entries exceeds kdapsearch number that is specified, the search returns the specified number of option ldapsearch binary, then returns an error stating that the size limit was exceeded.

The following example requests a maximum of 5 entries. Run the ldapsearch command ldalsearch the --sizeLimit option. The Advanced Search tab of each server instance in ODSM enables you to perform complex searches on directory data, as described in the following section. In the Entry Picker ldappsearch, select Tree View to navigate the directory tree and locate the entry, or Search View to search for the entry.

Select the scope of the search from the Scope list. The LDAP search scope indicates the set of entries at or below the search base Ldapsearch binary option that will be considered potential ldapsearch binary option for a search operation. The scope can be one of:.

This specifies that the search operation bbinary only be performed against the entry specified as the ldapsearxh base DN. No entries below it will be considered. This specifies that the search operation should only be performed against entries that are immediate subordinates regent forex cargo lucky plaza singapore the entry specified as the option ldapsearch binary base DN.

The base entry itself is not included, nor are any entries below the immediate subordinates of the search base entry.

This specifies that the search operation should be performed against the entry specified as the search base and all of its subordinates to any depth. Set Limit enables you to specify the precise number of entries that are returned. Use Virtual Ldapsearch binary option View enables you to use a virtual list view index in the search.

Use Paging enables you to specify that only a subset of the results should be returned at a time, and allows you to indicate the number of results forex cross pair strategy each page.

The directory server supports LDAPv3-compliant search functionality by using the ldapsearch command. You can use lcapsearch attributes, security options, and LDAP controls with the search process, based on your system configuration.

For additional information, see Section This section describes how to search for operational attributes and how to search the Root DSE entry, and contains the following topics:. Operational attributes are used for storing information needed ldapsearch binary option processing by the directory server itself or binary option ldapsearch holding any other data maintained by the directory server that forex trading magazine not explicitly bibary by clients.

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Operational attributes are not included in entries returned from option ldapsearch binary operations unless they are explicitly included in the list of search attributes. The Root DSE is a special entry that provides information about the server's name, version, naming contexts, and supported features.

Ldapsearch binary option directory server stores access control instructions ACIs as one or more values of the aci live forex trade ideas on an entry to allow or deny access to the directory database. The aci attribute is a multi-valued operational attribute that can be option trading co.

ltd and modified by directory users and that should itself be protected by ACIs. Administrative users are usually given full access to the aci attribute and can view its values by running an ldapsearch command.

Direct access to this entry over LDAP is not advised. The configuration is accessible and modifiable by using the dsconfig command. The dsconfig command connects to the directory binary option ldapsearch over SSL through the administration connector. To search the configuration entry using dsconfig in interactive mode, run the command as follows:. For more information about accessing the server configuration by using dsconfigsee Section You can access this information by using the ldapsearch ldapsearch binary option.

Using the administration connector ensures that monitoring data is not polluted and that server administration takes precedence over user traffic.

Ldapsearch binary option

To use the administration connector, specify the administration port, and include the --useSSL option. Binary option ldapsearch you have configured the directory server to accept SSL connections by ldapsearch binary option a self-signed certificate or certificate, you can search using client authentication. The following procedures show how to search the directory over SSL using various authentication mechanisms.

You can configure the client to automatically trust any certificate that the server presents to it. However, this basis points stock options is not secure and is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Generally, you should use this type of authentication for testing purposes only. Run the ldapsearch command with the --trustAll option. You can configure the client to use a certificate trust store, which contains information about the certificates it can trust.

The client can check any server certificate to those listed in its trust store. If the ldapsearch binary option finds a match, a secure communication can take place with the server. If no ldzpsearch is otpion, the server cannot be trusted.

You must ensure that the presented certificate option trading alerts valid and add it to the trust store, which then allows secure communication. Run binary option ldapsearch ldapsearch command with the --trustStorePath option. If no trust store is specified, then you are prompted about whether the certificate that was presented to the client should be trusted.

Run the ldapsearch command without the --trustStorePath option. If the client is required to present its ldapsearch binary option certificate to the directory server, that iforex forex peace army must know which certificate keystore to use.

The client can determine the certificate keystore by specifying the --keyStorePath option with either the --keyStorePassword or --keyStorePasswordFile. Run the ldapsearch command with the --keyStore However, you must do the ldapsearch binary option.

Use the port on which the server is listening for unencrypted LDAP requests. Run the ldapsearch command with the --startTLS option. Run the ldapsearch command with the appropriate --saslOption options. The authid option specifies the identity of the user that is authenticating to the server.

The option can be in the form of a dn for example, dn: The attribute can be used to indicate that the search operation should be performed under the authority of another user after authentication.

The realm specifies the fully qualified name of the server host machine and is optional. The GSSAPI mechanism performs authentication in a Kerberos environment ldapsearch binary option requires that the client system be configured to participate in such an environment.

Run the ldapsearch command to search as a user who already alternative trading system rules a valid Kerberos binary option ldapsearch. The authid attribute specifies the authentication ID that should be used to identify the user.

Each control is defined as an object identifier OID that uniquely identifies the option ldapsearch binary, a criticality flag, and any associated values. If the client sets the criticality flag when sending the control to the directory server, the directory server must either perform the operation with the control or not process it.

If the flag is not set by the client, the directory server ldapsearch binary option free to ignore the control if it cannot process it.

You can use multiple controls in a single operation, such as the virtual list view with server-side sorting. The virtual list view control requires additional explanation and is therefore described in its own section.

You can view the current list of controls forex or stock exchange your directory server by searching the Root DSE entry for the supportedControl alternative trading system rules. The Join Search Control retrieves related entry odapsearch chains such lfapsearch friends, managers, and so forth, in a single search operation.

The Join Control can ldapsearch binary option target entry chains with established relationships that can but do not have to be option ldapsearch binary referenced. For example, the following entry is part of ldapsearch binary option established "friends" relationship hierarchy where each participating entry has links to other participating entries. In this case these links are formed by the friend attribute.

In a search operation with optiin Join Control, the search parameters such as scope and filter apply to the join search, that is, to entries evaluated during the join. This means that only matching results are returned.

This functionality enables you to retrieve the entire linked relationship hierarchy, or a subset of it, in a single search operation, based on specific search criteria and scope. The following example requests the subset of user entries that are linked through the friend attribute. A search ldapsarch of base retrieves only direct bunary, for example, direct friends that are specified by the friend attribute in the sample entry.

A search scope of one goes one level deep, retrieving direct friends of direct friends of the sample entry. Binary options signal review search scope of sub traverses the entire hierarchy chain no matter how many levels.

A search scope of subordinate has lcapsearch same effect as subbut does not include the base entry in search results. The search filter is used to evaluate candidate entries during the ldapsearch binary option for inclusion in the search binary option ldapsearch. The filter can be ibnary to refine the search to include only specific entries.

It works in exactly the same ldapsearch binary option as the filter for standard search operations but is applicable only to join search results. The Proximity Search Control provides base location data to the server in the search request, which enables the server to generate proximity virtual attribute values for all candidate entries that include ldapsearch binary option data. User applications can periodically update the value of this attribute with the last known location binzry the user.

For example, the following entry extract shows an entry forex leverage meaning location has been updated to the coordinates of Golden Gate Bridge:. The server can calculate the location proximity of each entry to the base location provided in the Proximity Search Control. A client application can therefore request a lldapsearch value to be calculated and returned for each matching search result entry.

The client application can use the proximity attribute in the search filter of the search operation option ldapsearch binary and can therefore request matching search result entries based on their proximity to a given base location.

The following example sets the base location to the coordinates ldapsearch binary option the Eiffel Tower The Account Usability Request Control determines if a user account can be used to authenticate to a server. If the user account is available, the control adds a message before any entry about whether the account is usable.

You can ldapsearch binary option the Account Usability Request Control with ldapsearch in the following ways:. For example, use -J accountusable or -J accountusability with the ldapsearch command. Use the ldapsearch command with the --control option or its short form -J. The Authorization Identity Request Control allows the client to obtain the authorization identity for the client connection during the LDAP bind request. The authorization ID forex cross pair strategy by the server is displayed to the client as soon as authentication has completed.

The line containing the authorization ID is prefixed with a character, making it a comment if the output is to be interpreted as an LDIF. Ldapsearch binary option can specify the Authorization Identity Request Control with ldapsearch in the following ways:.

For example, use -J authzid or -J authorizationidentity with the ldapsearch command. Use the ldapsearch command with the --reportAuthzID option. The Get Effective Rights Control enables you to evaluate existing or new ACIs and to see the effective rights that they grant for a user binary option ldapsearch a specified entry. The response to this control is to return the effective rights information about the entries and attributes in the search results.

This extra information includes read and write permissions for each entry and for each attribute in each entry. The permissions can be option ldapsearch binary for the bind DN used for the search or for an arbitrary DN, allowing administrators to test the permissions of directory users. The ldapsearch command provides two ways to use the Get Effective Rights Control:.

The request only takes an authorization ID authzid. The command option shows the effective rights of the user binding with the options trade canada DN.

You can use this option together with the -e option to include the effective rights on the named attributes. You can use the option to determine if a user has permission to add an attribute that does not currently exist in an entry. To view effective rights, specify the virtual attributes aclRights and aclRightsInfowhich the server generates in response to the effective binary option ldapsearch request.

Thus, you should ldapsearch binary option use these attributes in search commands of any kind. Use the ldapsearch command to display the forex cross pair strategy rights of a specific user. This example uses the --getEffectiveRightsAuthzid option. You can also use the --control or -J option, such as -J geteffectiverights. Use the ldapsearch command to display effective rights information for a specific user.

The aclRightsInfo attribute provides more detailed logging information that binary options for dummies book how effective rights binary option ldapsearch granted or denied. The LDAP Assertion Control allows you to specify a condition that must evaluate to true for the searching operation to process.

The value of the control should be in the form of an LDAP search filter. The server tests the base object before searching ldapsearch binary option entries that match the search scope and filter. If the assertion fails, no entries are returned. This example determines first if the assertion is met, and returns the entry if it matches the search filter.

The LDAP Subentry Control allows the client to request that the server return only entries with the ldapSubEntry object class during a search operation. LDAP subentries are operational objectssimilar to operational attributes, that are returned only if they are explicitly requested. Typically, you can use the control when searching the schema.

You request the server to ldapsearch binary option subentries with ldapsearch in the following ways:. Run the ldapsearch command with the --subEntries option, as ldapsearch binary option.

A smart referral is option ldapsearch binary entry that references another server or location in the directory information tree DIT and contains the referral object class with one or more attributes containing the LDAP URLs that specify the referral.

For example, use -J managedsait with the ldapsearch command. This control allows the user to selectively read a subset of attribute values without retrieving all values, and then scan for the desired set locally. Run the ldapsearch command with the --matchedValuesFilter option.

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The Password Policy Control allows a client to request information about the current password policy information for a user entry. You can specify the Password Policy Control with ldapsearch in the ldapsearch binary option ways:. For example, use -J pwpolicy or -J passwordpolicy with ldapsearch.

Use the --usePasswordPolicyControl option.

Description:Performing a binary database copy or restoring a database from a backup requires the source server and .. With the server running, view a sample entry, by using the ldapsearch command. You specify a base scope by using the --searchScope base option or its short form equivalent -s base. English South Africa.

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I apologise, but, in my opinion, this theme is not so actual.
Tagor #4 01.07.2017 alle 10:49 dice:
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Very good information
Muzshura #4 01.07.2017 alle 10:49 dice:
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Here those on!

Illinoisbowfishing.info is an award-winning online trading provider that helps its clients to trade on financial markets through binary options and CFDs. Trading binary options and CFDs on Volatility Indices is classified as a gambling activity. Remember that gambling can be addictive – please play responsibly. Learn more about Responsible Trading. Some products are not available in all countries. This website’s services are made available in countries such as the South Africa, USA, or to persons under age 19.

Trading binary options may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Your losses can exceed your initial deposit and you do not own or have any interest in the underlying asset.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 50-80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.