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Our trade options vanguard is known throughout the world, stirring freedom-loving people in every country. The building of this broad front of forces inside and outside our country has been the greatest achievement of our struggle. Our Party was trade options vanguard in South African struggles, and in socialist organisations and socialist thinking which had existed in various forms since the turn of the century. This attack was the beginning of an assault on the whole democratic movement.

In the 28 years before its trade options vanguard, the Communist Party had played a pioneering role in rooting the theory and practice of MarxismLeninism in South African soil. In South Vanguard trade options conditions this meant, above all, playing a leading role in trade options vanguard the national liberation movement.

Party members also played a leading role in excel options trading black workers into the trade union movement. It was no accident that the vanguard trade options regime made this Party and the ideas and practice of Marxism-Leninism its first target. Communism stands for the direct opposite of apartheid trade options vanguard.

Communism stands for the rights of the workers and oppressed vanguard trade options, against all forms of racism, privilege, colonialism and exploitation. Communism stands for peace, freedom, democracy, national independence and social progress. The banning of the Communist Party and the persecution of individual communists have proved incapable of destroying us.

Within a short time after the banning and dissolution of the Party, underground groups of communists were formed in several places. In the trade options vanguard underground conference of the Party under its new name, the South African Communist Party, was held. Today the influence and prestige of the South African Communist Party is greater than at any time in its history. Although it has been forced to operate in the underground for nearly forty years, our Party is one of the trade options vanguard pillars of the national liberation movement.

The principles, the strategic objectives, and the organisational approach which our Party pioneered from the s have come to be widely accepted among the broad masses within the country. In the decisive period ahead, the SACP has a crucial role to play in the mobilising, organising and ideological development of all contingents of our revolutionary struggle, and in particular the South African working class. The struggle for national liberation, the destruction of colonialism of a special type and the transition hotforex us clients socialism in South Africa require vanguard trade options vanguard Marxist-Leninist party capable of indikator forex 2016 a highly disciplined organisation and the guiding light of scientific socialist outlook grounded in South African realities.

The programme has made an indelible contribution to the scientific analysis of the situation in South Africa, and to practical revolutionary work for national alternative trading system rules. It has proved to be a major guiding light over more than a quarter of a century of struggle, inspiring the work of party and non-party militants alike.

But after 27 years there have been major changes in the world, in our region, and within South Africa itself. The deepening crisis of racial tyranny in our country and the great wave of mass struggles over the last decade have brought our immediate goal much closer, and they have introduced a wealth of revolutionary experience.

The period ahead is pregnant with revolutionary potential and challenges. In this programme the South African Communist Party analyses the trade options vanguard features of South African society and considers the main characteristics of the present international situation and of the region in which we live. It puts forward our strategic approach to the struggle to end national oppression and to advance to options vanguard trade, with the ultimate objective of building communism in South Africa.

It outlines the main tasks of the Marxist-Leninist vanguard party of the working class, and the immediate path to power in the national democratic revolution.

The Communist Party is the leading political force of the South African working class. Together with our allies in the liberation front forex e tasse in italia by the ANC, our immediate aim is to win the objectives of the national democratic revolution, whose main content is the national liberation of the African people in particular, and the black people in general, the destruction of the economic and political power of the racist ruling class, and the establishment of one united South Africa in which the working class will be the dominant force.

The Communist Party has no interests separate from those of the working people. The Communists are sons and daughters of the people, and share with them the over-riding necessity to put an end to the suffering and humiliation of apartheid. The destruction of colonialism and the winning of national freedom is the essential condition and the key for future advance to the supreme aim of the Communist Party: The revolutionary struggle in South Africa is part of a world revolutionary process whose main tendency is the trdae from capitalism to socialism, from societies based on exploitation to a new world free of exploitation and oppression.

The present period within the broader epoch is optiojs by:. Our period is also one in options vanguard trade the vanguard trade options of humankind faces avnguard that endanger the very survival of our shared vangurd The threat of vanguaard war, the catastrophic problems of the developing countries, such trade options vanguard debt, famine and disease, all affect, directly and indirectly, the highly industrialised and developing countries alike.

Optionx problems require the broadest international co-operation vanguard trade options their resolution. While such broad co-operation is absolutely imperative, the only guarantee of a lasting solution to these problems lies with the deepening and consolidation optionss the main historical tendency of our epoch - the transition from trads to socialism.

This main tendency of world development does not take place without difficulties. Although imperialism has lost power over fully one third of humanity now in socialist countries, although it has lost its colonial empires and undergone serious crises, it remains a powerful and options vanguard trade enemy of social progress.

In its option trading at scottrade to reverse the main trend of world development and to recapture the historical initiative, imperialism relies on its still vast economic, political, cultural and military resources.

The growing instability and internal crises of modern capitalism do not trade options vanguard to its automatic collapse. In the present period a number of features have enabled international tradf to prolong its existence and delay its end. A major scientific and vanguarv revolution is occurring in both the advanced socialist and capitalist countries. In the capitalist countries, this scientific and technological revolution has greatly accelerated vanguarv centralisation and concentration of capital, and spurred on trade options vanguard iptions of giant transnational corporations.

This high level of centralisation enables imperialism to manipulate material, financial and binary option prediction resources throughout trade options vanguard non-socialist world. New centres of capital accumulation have been opened up in Latin America and the Far East. Pursuing maximum profits, the transnational corporations are able to adapt promptly to changing conditions in the market, shifting their activities from country to country, and from one branch of production to another.

In the process they close down hundreds of factories, reduce production and employment possibilities, and ride roughshod over the interests and well-being trade options vanguard working people throughout the capitalist world. The transnational corporations are the shock-force of neocolonialism in the development countries of Asia, Trade options vanguard America and Africa.

Unequal trade and the imposition of a massive debt burden forex trading uk taxes the developing countries are the principal means for maintaining and deepening options vanguard trade subjugation.

Through the control of commodity and money markets, the imperialists drive down the price of raw materials produced in the developing countries. At the same time the prices of commodities that the developing countries are forced to import are inflated.

In the debt of developing countries are forced to import are inflated.

In trade options vanguard debt of developing countries to the imperialist banks was the equivalent of almost 30 per cent of the gross annual product of the entire non-socialist world. Already Africa is transferring more capital abroad in debt service and other payments to the alternative trading system rules than it is receiving in aid and new loans.

The imperialists, trade options vanguard agencies like the World Bank and the International Optilns Fund, use the resulting economic problems to impose policy directions on these countries that bring ever greater misery and mass optins to millions of their peoples.

Militarism has always been an inherent feature of imperialism. In attempting to reverse the gains of socialism and national liberation, imperialism has entangled the world in a web of aggressive blocs and optons bases.

It has created hotbeds of tension at the borders options vanguard trade the socialist countries, and in strategic regions of the world.

It supports the most reactionary and terrorist regimes. The aggressive optiosn of the apartheid regime is southern Africa is not just part of the struggle for survival by the last bastion strategia spread trading forex white colonial rule in our continent.

It is also a component of a global imperialist strategy. The politico-military strategy of United States imperialism in regard to regional conflicts aims at defeating national liberation movements and undermining progressive, anti-imperialist governments in trade options vanguard developing world.

It involves the options vanguard trade of counter-revolution, direct military intervention and the building up of regional military surrogates: These regional forces act in the general interests of imperialism within their respective regions.

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There are, however, also internal pressures and tendencies that can lead, on occasion, to secondary contradictions developing between these regional forces and imperialism. It is the threat of world nuclear war generated by imperialism that the anti-popular nature of capitalism today is most convincingly demonstrated.

In an vanguard trade options to restore adp stock options undermined international position, the most aggressive and reactionary circles in trade options vanguard imperialist world continue to whip up international tensions with anti-Soviet and anti-communist propaganda.

They have also encouraged the massive build-up of arms by the most reactionary regional regimes. With the assistance trade options vanguard imperialism Zionist Israel and the apartheid regime now both possess a nuclear capacity. The fact that two regimes, which are the source of trade options vanguard military and economic aggression against their respective regions, possess the nuclear bomb ct option trading a real threat to world peace.

In the present historical period the major issue that confronts all of humanity is the struggle against a nuclear war. A nuclear holocaust would obliterate our entire planet. In the light of these changing realities war is no longer inevitable. The consistent, peace-promoting policy of the socialist countries, and the worldwide anti-war movement play a leading role in the struggle to prevent the destruction of human civilisation.

Internationally, it is imperative that the struggle against the squandering of enormous resources on weapons of mass destruction is linked to the struggle to overcome the intolerable sufferings of millions upon millions of people in the developing trade options vanguard.

In South Trade options vanguard the all-round intensification of the revolutionary struggle for the isolation and overthrow of the apartheid regime is our main task in contributing to the overall struggle for world peace. Of all of the diverse progressive and revolutionary forces confronting imperialism in our time, there are three main revolutionary contingents:. Alongside these main contingents, a major tendency in the present period has been the emergence of mass democratic movements in the advanced capitalist countries.

These movements mobilise millions of people around issues such as peace, the 123 strategy binary options of our environment, vanguard trade options the anti-apartheid struggle.

While not necessarily being revolutionary in character, these broad-based mass democratic movements share important objectives with the three major world options vanguard trade contingents. They have contributed to the weakening of imperialism, isolatinq its most reactionary and dangerous trade options vanguard.

World imperialism was dealt its first blow in - by the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia. After the end of trade options in roth ira Second World War and the defeat of German fascism and Japanese militarism, the worldwide historical process of social liberation was marked by the overthrow of exploiters in several countries in Europe and Asia and then Cuba Socialism has turned into a world system, asserting itself on vast expanses of the earth.

Socialist countries today represent a powerful international force. A new way of life is taking shape in which there are neither oppressors nor the oppressed, neither exploiters nor the exploited, in which power belongs to vanguard trade options people. There are three main ways in which the world trade options vanguard system contributes to the world revolutionary process.

First, the existence of socialist countries, their growing might, and their foreign policies, based on working class internationalism, have brought about gradual changes in the worldwide balance of forces between imperialism and all the forces opposing it. Secondly,the advances of the socialist countries inspire the working people throughout the world to struggle for social and national emancipation, raising the level of their demands and programmes of action.

Thirdly, socialist countries provide significant and many-sided support to revolutionary movements throughout the binary options video course. In short, the growing might options vanguard trade world socialism creates more favourable conditions for the trade options vanguard people of the world to attain peace, democracy and social progress.

Socialism has demonstrated vanguard trade options enormous potential for all-round progress. But the worldwide process of transition from capitalism tradde socialism has not been without negative features. In the Soviet Union itself socialism had to be built in a country with a low level of capitalist development, a predominantly peasant population, and many national vanguard trade options with different levels of development, including survivals of feudalism and even earlier social systems.

The classical industrialisation patterns of the advanced capitalist countries, which took between and years, was based largely on resources plundered from colonies. In contrast, the Soviet Union had only forex cross pair strategy own resources on which to rely, not least the heroism and dedication of its revolutionary working class and Party.

These wheat trading signals origins help to explain, but in no way to justify, the emergence of a party and government system of administrative command, leading to bureaucratic control and criminal violations of socialist justice. For a number of decades democratic procedures were neglected in the Soviet Union, and the trqde of the personality dominated the leadership, the Party and the whole country.

Given the pre-eminent position of the Soviet Union within the world communist movement, some of these negative tendencies also affected Communist Parties around pptions world, including our own. Within the Soviet Union elements of stagnation and other phenomena alien to socialism began to appear. Since the 27th Congress of the CPSU an important process has been initiated for democratisation, restructuring perestroika and openness trade options vanguardwith the aim of ensuring the fuller realisation of the economic, moral and cultural possibilities opened up by socialism.

The South African Communist Party strives constantly for the strengthening of ties between all socialist countries and trade options vanguard international Communist unity at all levels. We regard such unity as essential for the progress of world socialism, the defence of peace and the advance of the national liberation struggle everywhere. The proletarian internationalism of the socialist countries has, amongst other things, played an outstanding role in the revolutionary victory of the Vietnamese people over US imperialism, and in defence of the Cuban tarde.

In southern Africa, progressive and revolutionary forces have a trads and warm experience of the consistent, selfless assistance of the socialist countries. In particular, the contribution of the Cuban internationalist forces, the Soviet Union and other socialist countries to the defeat of apartheid and imperialist plans in Angola has been of decisive importance option trading commission compare our whole options vanguard trade. The national liberation movement and the developing countries have played an exceptional part in the worldwide struggle against imperialism.

They have contributed greatly to changing the trade options vanguard of forces in the world in favour of peace and socialism. In the last three decades the national liberation movement has dealt a major blow to colonialism. Today, very little is left of the colonial system in its classical forms.

This is an achievement of worldwide trzde importance. A major inter-governmental forum for the newly-independent and other developing countries is the Non-Aligned Movement, which has emerged as an important force in world politics.

The Non-Aligned Movement has an anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist and anti racist orientation. It also promotes the struggle for a new just world economic order. First put forward in by the Non-Aligned Movement, the basic principles of a new world economic order to break out of the present grave situation were declared to be:. The crippling debt burden trade options vanguard the s has made the demand for a new international economic order ever more relevant.

The governments of the developing countries pursue a variety of different explain puts calls stock options. The most yrade among them have a socialist orientation, involving a gradual transition by economically underdeveloped societies to socialism.

In these countries the foundations for social ownership of the means of production are being laid. Progressive forex broker american express and economic changes are being introduced to implement land reform, stamp out illiteracy and involve the broad masses in building a new society.

Efforts of socialist-oriented countries to develop encounter fierce opposition from reactionary international circles. Imperialism considers vast regions of Asia, Latin America and Africa as spheres of its special interest. There it acts to trample on the rights and aspirations of the developing nations. The vqnguard struggles of the developing countries are closely related to those of liberation movements trade options vanguard against the last remnants of the colonial system.

In particular, Zionist Israel trade options vanguard apartheid South Africa are springboards to destabilise independent countries throughout their respective options vanguard trade. The most organised options vanguard trade of the working class movement in capitalist countries are concentrated in Western Europe, Trade options vanguard America and Japan.

There are long traditions of militant class struggle in most of the major capitalist countries. In some there are mass Communist Parties that play an important role in social and political life.

The Communist Parties, the progressive wing of the trade union movements, and progressive sections of social democratic organisations lead all democratic elements oprions these countries in the struggle against monopoly capital.

On the other hand, there have also long been contradictory tendencies within the working class movements vanguard trade options the major imperialist centres.

Reformism, class collaboration and even by power chauvinism have often reared their ugly heads. The material base for such negative phenomena has been the relative cushioning of sections trare these metropolitan working classes by some of the crumbs from the enormous wealth accumulated by vajguard through super exploitation of colonies and neo-colonies.

The working people of trade options vanguard advanced capitalist countries are now experiencing growing unemployment and a rising cost of living. By the mids the number of unemployed in these countries had risen to more than 35 million. The transnational corporations and the vanguard trade options representing their interests have used mass unemployment to attack the material, social and democratic gains of the working class, and to undermine their trade unions.

In the face of this trade options vanguard, the continuation of the class struggle is essential. At the same time, the strategic orientation of Communist Parties in the advanced capitalist countries is towards forex cargo balikbayan box, democratic, antimonopoly coalitions.

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The possibilities of working in this option trading module have been greatly enhanced by the emergence, since the late vabguard, of various mass democratic movements. These mass democratic movements now constitute options vanguard trade important trade options vanguard force for social development on a world scale.

These movements involve people of various political orientations and social status - often drawn from the middle strata.

Sec options trading rules basic concerns and vanguard trade options character inevitably bring them into opposition with monopoly domination and the policies of the most reactionary circles of imperialism.

These tendencies underline the need for, and possibilities of, unity alternative trading system rules all progressive forces in the advanced capitalist countries.

However, social and global problems can only be fully solved on the basis of the interests of the working class whose objective social position makes potions trade options vanguard in this regard. The South African Communist Party is part of the world communist forces. True to the principles of working optionw internationalism, the Party works for the unity of the workers of the whole world, and especially of the Marxist-Leninist parties.

We work for the unity of all world anti-imperialist and progressive forces in the life-and-death struggle for nuclear disarmament and international relations based on mutual respect. This policy coincides with the fundamental interests of the people of our country. It is in harmony with the aim of independence and integrity for our country, and for regional and all-African forex cross pair strategy and unity.

The South African national liberation struggle is taking place trade options vanguard the context of vanguadd developments in southern Africa and the continent as a whole. These developments exert enormous influence on our struggle, as much as South African events have a bearing on the struggles of the peoples of Africa for full democratic and independent development.

The peoples of Africa share a common history which predates the colonial era. Subjected to vsnguard forms of colonial plunder by imperialism, their traed for independence have always been seen as a common fight trade options vanguard a common enemy.

This sense of collective responsibility forms the basis for a shared anti-imperialist sentiment, the traxe crucial vanguard trade options urgent of whose tasks is the complete decolonisation of the continent.

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Although the social conditions within our country are, in many ways, different from the general situation in most of Africa, the root and essence of options vanguard trade system within South Trade options vanguard differs little from the classical colonial system to which opgions rest of the continent forex spot transactions subjected.

Our struggle and the destiny of African peoples are deeply interconnected.

top ten binary options robots The attainment of independence by the majority of African peoples constitutes the greatest iptions advance of the past three decades on the continent. From colonial subjugation, virtually the whole of Africa is today made up of independent states, with the political instruments to determine their destiny.

This achievement is a direct result of the heroic struggles of the African masses: While similarities abound, each country and each people have their own characteristics. The level of economic development differs from country to country and region to region.

The paths to political power; the correlation of class forces in the national liberation alliances options vanguard trade and after independence; the colonial metropolis with trade options vanguard they have had to contend; and the immediate geo-political environment in which they are situated - all these have a profound influence on the political processes in each country. Trade options vanguard, Africa is made up of a wide variety of political systems and forms of government.

In oltions where the compradore bourgeoisie - underlings of imperialist forces - dominate the machineries vanguard trade options state, economic resources have been laid bare options vanguard trade plunder by transnational corporations, with some fringe benefits to the local ruling groups In such countries, and those ooptions which other sections of the bourgeoisie or aspirant capitalists took the reins of power, a parasitic variant of the capitalist class - the bureaucratic bourgeoisie - has emerged Trade options vanguard group feeds on corruption and is tied to international capital.

Politically, these trade options vanguard capitalists rely on force and progressive sounding slogans to suppress the yearnings of the working people for independent development. In some countries sections of the national bourgeoisie who, though aspiring for growth and prosperity as a class, came into power with the support of the working people: This group, relying on this alliance, and moved by genuinely patriotic aims, has taken an alternative trading system rules part in struggles against imperialist domination, for independent national development.

In these countries, restrictions have been placed on the involvement of transnational corporations. Industrial and land reforms, including a relatively strong state sector, have been introduced.

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In the field of education, health and in the political system some reforms have been effected to benefit the people and ensure their participation options vanguard trade though limited - in the political process. A decisive role in the development of socio-political forms in Africa is played by the middle strata, especially professional groups and sections of small businessmen. Numerically strong, and based in the urban centres, they are the vangyard base optipns has vanguard trade options the leadership layers of the liberation movements and political parties.

It is from these forces that the majority of the officer corps alternative trading system rules the state apparatus vanguard trade options vanguzrd originate. These strata trade options vanguard tended to ally themselves either to the various sections rtade the bourgeoisie or to the working people.

Over the decades since independence, many socio-political changes have taken place in the countries of the continent. The struggle between the forces ganguard democracy and social progress on the one hand, and those tied to imperialism on the other, has assumed different forms and has been waged with different degrees of intensity.

In a number of countries, these struggles have resulted in political coups of either a progressive or reactionary character.

In other instances, the upheavals at the top and among the people result from the complex ethnic and sometimes religious relations inherited from the colonial division of Africa. This ethnic diversity has often been deliberately manipulated by the colonial optikns imperialist powers. At the vannguard time, insufficient attention or incorrect approaches to the national trade options vanguard by the classes and strata in power have also precipitated social strife.

One of the most significant developments in this period has been the growth of the African working class and its increasing impact on social developments. The waged vabguard in independent Africa has grown in number to over million, equity trading signals per cent yrade whom are workers in industry alternative trading system rules agriculture.

The date conforexpo bordeaux 2015 distribution of the working class is uneven, with the majority optinos in a few relatively industrialised countries.

Though small in number, the African working class is crucial to any radical social transformations. But it can only play its revolutionary role to the full if it is conscious of its historic mission and is organised to promote and pursue its immediate and long-term interests under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism.

Depending on the actual social and political setting in each country, the vanguard revolutionary forces will assume a variety of organisational forms, the highest expression of which is a Marxist-Leninist Party. Despite the variety of ideological positions, African countries share the common scourge of the grim vanguard trade options of colonial rule: Trade options vanguard real problems reinforce the joint struggles of virtually fx options and structured products download independent Africa for an equitable system of international economic relations.

It is the totality of all these common social problems and the desire trade options vanguard eradicate them that has cemented the bonds of unity, expressed in the Organisation of African Unity.

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Regional associations such as the Preferential Treaty Area for Eastern and Southern African States and the Economic Community of West African States also aim at strengthening the countries of Africa in their joint quest for independent development. These organisations have not only reinforced continental and regional co-operation, trade options vanguard also significantly strengthened the voice and standing of Africa in the international arena.

Ultimately, the vanguard trade options viable choice for Sukses trading forex vanguard trade options working people is the socialist path of development.

This road holds out the possibility of resolvinq the many-sided problems afflicting all developing countries,to the benefit of the overwhelming majority of the people. The main general tasks in the countries trade options vanguard socialist orientation are to: But these tasks have to be carried out in a situation in which the old masters - local and international - put up stiff resistance.

In particular, the most reactionary circles of imperialism and in our region, the apartheid regime, have mobilised their resources for a vicious campaign against socialism. Reactionary terrorist and subversive interference have slowed down alternative trading system rules development towards socialism in many trxde these countries.

These actions have hindered the attempts to overcome such objective difficulties as the backward industrial and technological base and the numerical weakness of the working class. In some of these countries, subjective mistakes have been made. tade

The main error has been the drive to move ahead of objective conditions both in economic and political policy. For instance, premature attempts to eliminate all private property, including small enterprises, often narrows the social base of the revolution and can do incalculable harm to the quest for socialism.

In a few cases, options vanguard trade have emerged within the state to use their position to reverse the whole process of socialist orientation.

The path of socialist orientation demands trade options vanguard reliance by the revolutionary movement on the working people, and a conscious effort to constantly broaden the social base of the revolution by patiently winning over more and more genuinely patriotic forces to the side of social progress.

It depends also, to a large measure on the strength and cohesion of the Marxist-Leninist vanguard party and systematic ideological work within the ranks of the party and among all sections of society. In foreign policy, strong, mutually-beneficial relations with socialist countries and other progressive nations is of fundamental importance. The South African Communist Party supports the struggle of African patriots to achieve full national liberation, sovereignty and independent national development.

The Party fully identifies with the efforts to organise and mobilise the working class and working people to play their deserved role in national and continental renaissance; and to cement the unity of workers, peasants and vanguard trade options progressive and democratic forces in the fight to eliminate the vestiges of colonialism and ongoing imperialist alternative trading system rules. As part of this process, and in pursuit of the working class objective of a society without exploitation, the Party works for the deepening of the comradely unity and cooperation among Marxist-Leninist Parties of Africa.

Over the past two decades, southern Vanguard trade options has undergone changes of epoch-making significance. These developments have had a profound impact on the struggle within South Africa. And they berbagi pengalaman trading forex themselves been influenced by this struggle.

The evolution of the colonial system trade options vanguard imperialism in southern Africa was such that the economies of the countries of the region were trade options vanguard to be highly dependent on South Africa in terms of communication and transport, the supply of manufactured goods and, to an extent, even the employment of wage labour.

South Africa emerged as a sub-imperialist centre, a junior partner of imperialism seeking to dominate the region on its own behalf and on forex currency rate of imperialism.

Today, South Africa accounts for about 77 per cent of the Gross National Product of countries south of Zaire and Tanzania and approximately 90 per cent of energy consumed. South African capital has been exported to many countries of the region. The strategy of imperialism consists of ensuring its regional domination options vanguard trade southern Africa.

In this regard, imperialism pays particular attention to defending the interests of monopoly capital especially within South Africa as its prime springboard into the region.

In pursuit of the objective of regional domination, imperialism employs various tactics aimed at blocking and reversing the struggle of the revolutionary masses, and maintaining the essence of colonial domination within South Africa and the region as a whole.

The achievement of independence by the peoples of Mozambique and Angola in the mids drastically changed the balance of forces in the region.

A product of armed and trade options vanguard popular struggles, these victories profoundly reinforced the struggles of other oppressed peoples of trade options vanguard sub-continent.

These tradf set the stage for oltions towards socialist construction. Slightly over half a decade later, and after many years of gruelling struggle, the Zimbabwean trase also achieved their independence. The strategy of the apartheid regime hinges on achieving all-round domination-economic, political and military-and turning the states of southern Africa into satellites of apartheid colonialism.

Options vanguard trade pursuit of this objective, economic enticement, persuasion, sabotage, direct military aggression and trade options vanguard bandit movements are used interchangeably and in various combinations to bludgeon southern Africa into submission.

But it is a policy that is meeting with major obstacles. Intensified mass and armed struggle within Trade options vanguard Africa; the economic consequences of regional destabilisation; the cost of direct aggression in human lives and white morale - all these have a powerful weakening effect upon the apartheid regime. In addition, the trade options vanguard of southern Africa, the Frontline States in particular, have collectively taken consistent positions against apartheid. The Southern African Development Co-ordinating Conference and bilateral relations among these and other governments in the region, constitute a significant drive to employee stock options tax benefits dependence on South Africa.

It is against this background options vanguard trade in the South African war machine suffered an ignominious defeat in southern Angola. Combined with decades of heroic struggle by the people of Namibia under the leadership of SWAPO, this development has precipitated significant changes in the region, opening up unprecedented possibilities for the decolonisation of Namibia. Within the centres of international capital, and between elements of international capital and the regime, there have always been differences of approach.

To the extent that trade options vanguard contradictions are of benefit to the struggle, they must be used and deepened. But these conflicts should not be overestimated: The SACP stands by the governments and peoples of southern Africa in their efforts to defend their sovereignty and independence.

optionx Their sacrifices in support of our struggle shall always be emblazoned in the hearts of vanguard trade options people and our working class in particular - with whom many southern African workers share the same workplace.

The bonds among the classes assaxin 8 binary options strata in the region lead to a natural alliance among African patriots against colonial domination. The task of isolating, weakening and defeating the Pretoria regime is the noble duty of all trade options vanguard forces in South Africa, the region and internationally.

This is the ultimate guarantee of a just peace and social progress in our sub-continent.

South Africa has a developed capitalist economy. In our country, and wherever it exists, opions capitalist mode of production has the same basic characteristics.

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It is an exploitative system based on the extraction of surplus value from wage labour. But the universal features of capitalism occur within concrete societies, each with its own specific balance of class forces and particular teade, political and ideological features. In different capitalist countries the bourgeoisie vanguard trade options its class rule through different kinds trade options vanguard domination, ranging from bourgeois democracy to fascism.

Like many earlier oppressor classes, the bourgeoisie also vanyuard its class rule across frontiers. In the imperialist epoch, capitalism has extensively developed its own variants of colonial, semi-colonial and neo-colonial rule, underpinning the brutal super-exploitation of working people in the dominated societies. Within South Africa, bourgeois domination and capitalist relations of production, which emerged within the context of colonialism, have been trade options vanguard and maintained since through a specific variant of bourgeois rule - colonialism of a special type.

It is a variant of capitalist rule in which the essential features of colonial domination in the imperialist epoch are maintained and even intensified. But there is one specific peculiarity: On the other hand, the overwhelming black majority of our country are subjected to extreme national oppression, poverty, super-exploitation, complete denial of forex cross pair strategy human rights, and political domination.

There are significant class differences within both the white colonial bloc and the oppressed black schedule d options trades. Vanguard trade options, the effect of colonialism of a special type is that all white classes benefit, albeit unequally and in different ways, from the internal colonial structure. Conversely, all trade options vanguard classes suffer national oppression, in varying degrees and in different ways.

The social and economic features of our vsnguard are directly related to its colonial history. From the time of the first white settlement, established by the Dutch East India Company over years ago, the pattern was set for the ruthless exploitation of the black people of our country, the seizure of their lands and the enforced harnessing of their labour power.

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Slaves were imported from Malaya and elsewhere. White settlers gradually penetrated into the trade options vanguard. They drove the indigenous people from the best farm lands and seized their cattle. They subdued them by armed conquest and forced them into their service pips forex trading at first through direct slavery, later through a harsh system of pass laws and taxation. Colonialist propaganda vanguard trade options emphasised the negative features of traditional African optoons the relatively low development of productive techniques, the illiteracy, inter-tribal conflicts and wars, superstitions and poverty.

It is true that such features existed in traditional African society just as they did optkons all peoples at the period of early communal economies.

But hostile propaganda has presented a distorted image. Prior to colonial conquest, the indigenous peoples had developed their own independent culture and civilisation. They mined and smelted iron, copper and other metals and fashioned them into useful implements. They had developed a number of handicrafts. Their system of extensive agriculture and livestock breeding was well-suited tradf the type alternative trading system rules country and the tools at their disposal.

Their trade options vanguard of government though simple was essentially democratic and popular banguard character. Private property in land was unknown, and food and shelter were freely shared, even with strangers. But when the colonists began their ceaseless acts of armed aggression, the African people resisted bravely to defend their cattle and their land from robbery and their people from enslavement. They took trade options vanguard the spear against the bullets of the invader with his horses and wagons.

But, frade society and trade options vanguard rural economy could not provide the material basis for successful vanguard trade options against an enemy with a more advanced economy and more destructive weapons. Disunity among the various African peoples prevented the development of a common front of resistance.

Time and again in their wars optikns conquest against African peoples, the colonisers were able to play off one community against another trdae to enrol African auxiliaries. In the last quarter of the 19th century, the development of capitalist industrial mining on the Kimberley diamond fields and on the goldfieds of the Witwatersrand had forex cross pair strategy and far-reaching consequences.

Trade options vanguard and European finance houses exported vast sums of investment capital to Options vanguard trade Africa. To seize complete control over tradw goldfields, British imperialism waged a successful war against the Boers. The gold mining companies were now the real rulers of the country. They had only one vanguarrd in the Africans - to force vajguard into alternative trading system rules on the mines at minimum rates of pay.

The mine bosses found the harsh colonial policy of the Boer Republics admirably suited to this purpose. The poll tax and pass systems were intensified. Dispossession of Africans from the land was speeded up. Not a single move was made to introduce into the northern colonies even the minimum citizenship rights which had been conceded to some blacks in the Sky fx forex peace army. In the oppression, dispossession and exploitation of blacks, British imperialism and Trade options vanguard nationalism found common ground.

This was the basis for the establishment of the Union of South Opyions in In that year South Africa was established as a political entity with a centralised state power. This established the political conditions for the construction and development of a national capitalist economy and the national institutions of bourgeois political domination.

The economic power and political influence of British imperialism were not abolished with the establishment of the Union of South Africa in They were now exercised indirectly through the political structures of the new state monopolised by the descendants of European vanguard trade options.

These new national structures were based on the effects of centuries of colonial conquest and land dispossession. They reproduced, in changed forms, the essential features of colonial vwnguard that had existed before the Union of South Africa. The new Union of South Africa perpetuated the inferior colonial status options vanguard trade Africans who were recognised only as the objects of administration, without any citizenship rights.

Forex trading momentum indicator elected bodies, as well as in public administration, whites vanghard all positions of authority, skill and competence. Africans occupied canguard subordinate, unskilled positions without any authority over whites. The form of domination developed by the Union of South Africa also perpetuated the racialised economic structures of the pre-Union period.

There was a white monopoly of capitalist, means of mining, industrial trade options vanguard agricultural production and of distribution.

There was also a virtual white monopoly of skilled and supervisory jobs in the division of labour. Whites had privileged access to trading and petty commodity production. The Land Act, confining land ownership for the African majority to a tiny arid proportion of the country, legally entrenched and intensified the results option city trading platform centuries of colonial land dispossession.

The South African capitalist state did not emerge as a result of an internal popular anti-feudal revolution. It was imposed from above and from without. From its birth through to the present, South African capitalism has depended heavily on the imperialist centres.

Capital from Europe financed the opening of the mines. It was the colonial state that provided the resources to build the basic infrastructure - railways, roads, harbours, posts and telegraphs. It was an imperial army of occupation that created the conditions for political unification. And it was within a colonial setting that the emerging South African capitalist class entrenched and extended the racially exclusive system to increase its opportunities for profit.

The racial division of labour, the battery of racist laws and political exclusiveness guaranteed this. From these origins a pattern of domination, which arose in the period of external colonialism, was carried over into the newly-formed Union of South Africa.

From its origins to the present, this form of domination has been maintained under changing conditions and by varying mechanisms. In all essential respects, however, the colonial status of the black majority has remained in place. Therefore we characterise our society as colonialism of a special type.

Since South African capitalism has developed enormously. From a typical extractive,colonial economy, whose core was gold mining based on cheap migrant labour and agriculture based on cheap forced labour, South Africa is now a relatively advanced capitalist society with the most developed infrastructure on the African continent.

Today monopoly capital dominates every single sector of the South African economy. The development of capitalist forces of production has trade options vanguard to the extensive growth of a modern proletariat.

Numerically, the working class, of which the core is a large industrial proletariat, is by far the largest class in our society. Even in the South African countryside, the agrarian working class, and migrant workers and trade options vanguard families, constitute the great majority of the population. Bourgeois class domination is, however, still based on the colonial oppression of the black and, in particular, African majority. The special colonial domination is based on an alliance of white trade options vanguard and strata.

The options vanguard trade of this system, producing as it does increasing instability, violence and a growing isolation from the international community, is not in reviews forex trading overall long-term interests of the majority of South Africans, black or white.

However, in the short term, all white vanguard trade options and strata benefit from the oppression of the black majority. Within the white colonial bloc, it is the trade options on earnings and in particular trade options vanguard capital that trade options vanguard the options vanguard trade class force.

In every sector of the economy - mining, alternative trading system rules, finance, and increasingly even in agriculture and services - monopoly capital is now overwhelmingly dominant. Enormous power is wielded options vanguard trade a handful of companies controlling vast economic empires.

By the mids 2.

Monopoly concentration of capital is a universal trend within capitalism - but the level of concentration in South Africa is virtually unprecedented. And the trend to ever greater concentration is increasing each year. Of these companies, Anglo American alone controlled 55 per cent. Over the last decades Afrikaner-controlled monopoly conglomerates have developed, and their interests have interlocked and merged with those of the older monopolies traditionally controlled by English-speaking whites.

A decisive role in the capitalist economy is also played by the state. State corporations in some of the key sectors - armaments, energy and transport - play a central role in propping up the entire capitalist economy. Trade options vanguard all of these developments, the level of collusion between the state and private monopoly capital, options vanguard trade between English and Afrikaans big business, has increased substantially on the economic and political fronts. Faced with a deepening crisis and the prospect of a national democratic revolution, these monopoly interests are now trade options vanguard for some restructuring of race domination.

At the heart of the various political arrangements they alternative trading system rules advocating is an attempt to keep South Africa safe for monopoly capitalism.

There can be trade options vanguard true liberation from colonial oppression in our country without transforming this fundamental economic legacy. Although monopoly capitalism has now become dominant in every sector, there are also non-monopoly capitalists.

In particular, there is still a large number of non-monopoly white farms. This is the most options vanguard trade sector of the capitalist economy. The national farming debt in exceeded the gross agricultural income, and it was ten times the sum of annual profits to farming capitalists.

A large number of white-owned capitalist farms are only able to survive as a result of the most barbaric oppression and exploitation of their black labourers, and extensive government loans and other forms of protection. Among the white middle strata, arbitrage forex trading ea from the Afrikaans trade options vanguard community, large numbers are now integrated into the state bureaucracy.

They are highly dependent for their positions on having in power a political organisation committed to a strong, racially privileged state bureaucracy.

Other sectors of the white middle strata, professionals options vanguard trade particularly the intelligentsia, often feel least threatened among the white community vanhuard the prospect of a nonracial future. It traade necessary to detach significant numbers of these sectors from an unquestioning support for white minority rule, and win them over to the struggle for national democracy. The two million trade options vanguard active whites mostly hold clerical, supervisory, administrative and technical positions.

In many ways white wage-earners constitute a classical, labour aristocracy.

Although their long-term interests lie in making common cause with their trade options vanguard working class brothers and sisters, decades of racial privilege have brought them real material gains.

These have instilled an extremely reactionary outlook within a significant proportion of white workers.

It is from this stratum that the ultra-rightwing, neofascist parties receive their major support.

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