Trade unions global competition and options for solidarity - The Crisis of World Labor

Ramaphosa says jobs plan will createjobs a year By: No forced public service retrenchments forex cross pair strategy government readies for Jobs Summit By: SA's unemployment crisis in numbers By: Record-high margins for aluminium sales By: Photo by Sane Dhlamini Commission's head of investigation and enforcement Joseph Melodi, Commissioner Zodwa Ntuli, senior manager for compliance Lindiwe Trade unions global competition and options for solidarity and senior manager on organisational strategy and performance Thembakazi Dondashe.

Culture imperative in facilitating safe workplaces 21st September Creating a safe working environment is a complex issue and requires a concerted effort by all stakeholders over a sustained period of time, posits cement, lime and related products supplier PPC technical and lime executive Hardie de Beer.

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For trade options unions global competition solidarity and fair affords students learnerships, prizes to promote science skills development. South Africa researching hydrogen storage for platinum-using fuel cells.

Most reached their apex between and ; Switzerland was earlier swhile Portugal was later early 21st century.

The only exception until recently is the Brazilian Partido dos Trabalhadores. More important is though, that this family of parties is struggling with a fundamental identity problem. Social Democratic and Labor policies have since the ss been forex cross pair strategy on two pillars: A great many challenges had to be met more or less simultaneously.

Traditional centralism had to be reconciled with basic democratic movements and feminism with the conventional androcentric culture. Moreover, the environmental movement needed to trade unions global competition and options for solidarity taken seriously without abandoning the pursuit of economic growth the condition for social redistribution in a capitalist context.

Generalized confusion resulted in unions competition solidarity options trade global and for tremendous increase of floating voters; ageing and decreasing membership numbers; and the virtual disappearance of active proletarian members. Paradoxically, this loss of identity explains the explosive growth of the umbrella organization, the Socialist International. Since the s the number of countries with SI members has more than doubled.

This is forex holdings trading education remarkable since the membership of the SI was rather stable during the preceding decades. In the years the number of affiliated parties had always fluctuated between 34 at the foundation in Frankfurt and Such organisations could find a home within the SI because its profile was fading.

In short, the Socialist International could grow so dramatically only because the classical Social Democratic parties were in a deep identity crisis.

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Communist parties are binary option autotrader second major political form. The large majority of them were born or grew significantly in three waves: Some parties still have a rather solid, be it often small, base, such as the ones in Portugal, Spain, and Greece. These parties all developed under right-wing dictatorships and aolidarity characterized by their intransigence.

Similarly, the influential South African Communist Party still has a significant influence on the politics of the African National Congress. But for most parties the high point ror in the s.

Now, in quite a few countries the parties have been dissolved after electoral decline, splits or financial bankruptcy. This has for example been the case in Britain dissolvedItaly disbandedFinland bankruptBrazil solidrity coup and split, how to do hedging in forex trading Other parties have gone through mergers, e. Even the CPI-M the Communist Party of India Marxist in West-Bengal, which got a majority of the votes in a whole series of elections, has now been reduced to a minor player two out of 42 seats!

Globalization and neoliberal challenges require new policies and practices that they apparently cannot offer. I see at least two major difficulties.

For a start, the historical trajectory of trade unions is, like that of other organizations, to a significant extent shaped by their founding moment. As Arthur Stinchcombe observed half a century ago:. Organizations which have purposes that can be efficiently reached with the socially solidarihy organizational forms unjons to be founded during the period in which they become possible.

Then, both because they can function effectively with these organizational forms, and because these forms tend to become institutionalized, the basic structure of the organization tends to remain relatively stable. Early trade unions in Europe and Understanding your stock options America were mostly the creations of highly skilled male white workers, who had only one boss at the same time, were relatively powerful on the shop floor, trade unions global competition and options for solidarity uinons to establish collective bargaining.

This proved to be an exceptionally successful model that later on also inspired other sections of the working classes women, Blacks, low-skilled.

It became the norm for trade unions across the globe. Yet even fully committed industrial workers with little or no skill are capable of engaging in effective collective bargaining only under certain conditions which are rarely found.

In most though by no trade unions global competition and options for solidarity all newly industrializing countries, large excess supplies of common labor are available for nonagricultural work. Not only are unskilled workers rarely capable of forming unions of their own under such conditions; if they succeed in doing so, their unions have little or no bargaining power.

This is probably the crux of the matter.

In the advanced capitalist countries, standard employment forex akun demo that had become rrade in the ss are gradually broken down, while casual and informal labor was ylobal the norm nifty option free trading tips Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Another difficulty is that old-style trade unions, having also become more or less ingrained with the nation-states where they originated, find it very difficult to cope with the transnationalization of capital. Globalization has stimulated new forms of cross-border organizing that challenge traditional organizational models. Already in the mids the growing trade unions global competition and options for solidarity of TNCs stimulated the setting up of World Corporation Councils, notably in the chemical and automobile industries.

Although many trade union militants had high expectations of these new bodies, their blobal has been rather less than anticipated, owing to the conflicting interests of employees in different countries.

The formation of trading blocs implied a certain equalization of legal and political parameters, trade unions global competition and options for solidarity that the building of transnational trade union structures within each bloc was an obvious step.

This collaboration is usually not evolving primarily at the top level of national trade-union confederations, but at the sub-national or branch level. Soliarity many cases, institutions other than trade unions such as religious and human rights organizations are also partners in projects of this kind. Joint actions against TNCs by trade unions representing particular occupations in different countries e.

According to Stinchcombe Forex cross pair strategy struggle for unity has important organisational implications.

The time of general unions that solidarity options for and unions global trade competition workers little prospect of acting in solidarity with one another should belong to the past. Unions should organise broadly along industrial and sectoral lines, with powerful national centres that co-ordinate resources and action on behalf of national unions.

There is another important dimension: It is a difficult challenge to manage a national union movement that prides itself on its democratic norms, which allow members to dictate their destiny. An even more daunting challenge is to manage an international trade union movement that allows every national centre to feel part of the family and influence the direction of the movement.

We have no choice but to take up this challenge. Yet all too often, the culture of managing democracy, lack of democratic debate and fear of different points of cometition makes a mockery of our oft-repeated declaration of being a democratic organisation. Our congresses and other structures must deliberately trade unions global competition and options for solidarity space in a structured fashion to allow debates, and our resolutions must reflect the debates within our structures.

As an important example, we believe the ICFTU Congresses should be changed so solidarihy the real discussions and debates are shifted from small resolutions committees into the Congress forex cross pair strategy.

The Crisis of World Labor

Of course we need to do this mindful of the constraints of time: Unions solidarity for and trade global competition options should not function like the Plenary of the International Labour Conference of the ILO where we all make speeches for the record, but should stock options (non-qualified options) interactive, and should shape policy.

The Millennium Progress Review Group should therefore comprehensively review our rules, procedures and structures, with the view to establishing a stronger, more participatory democracy within the ICFTU, where different points of views will not only be tolerated, but indeed actively promoted. Our socio-economic outlook In line with the instinct of identifying with the marginalised and the weakest, the ICFTU should develop a comprehensive policy on the great divide between the South and North countries.

Central to such a policy should cimpetition recognition that the system of colonialism combined with the cold war left most countries competituon the South devastated, with weak economic and political systems.

In these countries, poverty, unemployment, disease, ignorance and trade unions global competition and options for solidarity underdevelopment are at their worst.

Let us be frank: It does not help for us to dust off our resolutions and top binary option platform we have good positions on debt, or structural adjustment programmes.

We have not captured our positions in a way that can serve as a counterpoint to the agenda of capital. The trade union movement must develop a comprehensive alternative options global competition for unions and solidarity trade globalisation, neo-liberalism and the structural adjustment programmes of the IMF and World Bank.

Our vision should be underpinned by the following:. Within countries, addressing poverty and underdevelopment through comprehensive social protection combined with economic development strategies aimed at creating quality jobs, meeting basic needs for food and housing, and improving workers' access to education and training.

Globalisation of human rights and workers' rights as a cornerstone of development and fair trade. Elimination of unfair trade practices and rules, and adoption of deliberate measures to ensure that international trade and investment support equitable development, and that the voices of civil opttions are actively get rich options trading on international institutions trae regulate trade.

Use of social funds and retirement funds to promote investment that combines economic returns with social advances in competltion countries.

Rules on movement of capital that will not only challenge the speculative solidarjty of much portfolio flows, but will shift the balance of power that capital has gained through free movement of capital back to democratic institutions. Once we have developed our minimum platform, we should canvass for its acceptance by the progressive NGOs with fr we normally work. Progressive political parties and governments should also be trade unions global competition and options for solidarity to support the framework.

To establish this framework, the Millennium Review should be expanded to ttade beyond organisational restructuring and embrace concerns around broader development.

It should encourage a thorough going debate in each country, sub-region and region, ahd sufficient resources allocated to this for us to really develop a trade unions global competition and options for solidarity platform for growth and equity in the global economy. Organisational Review and Restructuring In the context of the preceding paragraph, the need for a comprehensive review of structures sollidarity be overemphasized.

A platform for global organising Despite our strength, we must recognise that the trade union movement is unevenly developed between countries.

In many parts of the South, unions remain weak and dependent on and sometimes controlled by governments. In most industrialised countries, union membership is declining.

There are many reasons for these weaknesses. Some workers take the past victories solidarity trade unions for options competition global and the alternative trading system rules for granted. Others find unions unattractive because over the years unions have been bureaucratised and no longer help improve conditions of employment.

Unions have generally not modernised their tactics, structures and organising methods, leading to a perception of irrelevance. In many countries, we have not unionised white collar workers trade unions global competition and options for solidarity. The growth of non-standard employment, with part time work, contract work and casual work has left unions with new organising challenges.

In some countries the alternative trading system rules base is in decline. The traditional manufacturing sector is shrinking, with growth only in the service sector, or informal sector, which requires a different organising strategy. Our detractors must never be trads right when they accuse us of representing an elite.

We must retain the mass character of the unions, not through slogans, but with practical programmes to build the unity and power of workers. The Millennium Review should look at levels of organisation at each country. It is critical that a global campaign be annd to recruit more workers into our ranks.

The ICFTU should set itself hard targets of the number of unionised members we must achieve, by country and by sector. It must help to set up the structures to achieve this, and reallocate resources to this goal.

The campaigns by a number of national centres safe forex signals be drawn on as examples from which we can learn, both in their strengths and weaknesses. One example is the COSATU 'Spring Offensive' which sets aside a month of recruitment and organising, where shop stewards of affiliated national trade unions global competition and options for solidarity are released from work for between one week and four weeks, to go and organise workers at unorganised workplaces, in the informal sector and in rural areas, not only in their own sectors but elsewhere too.

Another example is the campaign of the AFL-CIO to reverse the decline in membership in the USA, with trade unions global competition and options for solidarity co-ordinated recruitment campaigns, national company targets, and pooling of resources and organisers. Such campaign can draw on other experiences, such unioons that of the FNV in organising part time workers as part of a broader policy of regulating part time work in the Dutch economy, or the provision of new services by unions in Ghana and South Africa fompetition organise the informal sector.

Trade unions, free trade and the problem of transnational solidarity ~ Global Labour Column

At a global level, this opens up the opportunity for us to share skilled organising staff, and target companies globally for unionisation. As an example, we may have a 'Membership Offensive' in Asia in March, Europe in June the Americas in August and Africa in October with media and personnel co-ordination at global level.

Member to Member Global Solidarity

This campaign should be co-ordinated at sub-regional level and supervised at regional and international level. Campaigns The international trade union movement must move away from being a lobby group to become an effective organisation capable of disciplining capital, governments and other institutions.

It must provide and co-ordinate effective solidarity. It must facilitate a worker-to-worker contact and give workers a sense that they are a single family and do not exist in isolation.

Our experience in South Africa, and indeed the working class movement's experience globally shows that what you have not won in the streets, you will not trade unions global competition and options for solidarity rahsia hedging forex the boardroom table. The recent past, highlighted by the mass demonstrations in Seattle inshows that workers are willing to embark on campaigns to support their global solidarity unions and for competition trade options and pledge solidarity with one another.

These experiences prove that the problem is not a lack of capacity. Rather, it is a tradition of relying excessively on lobbying, which developed when the movement was weaker than today. Our choice of leaders, of tactics, of organisational structures, of resource allocation and of allies, must reflect this strategic shift of engagement from diplomacy to the terrain of global campaigning where are our latent strength can be realised. Diplomacy and negotiation must be built on this foundation, not be a substitute for action and campaigning.

We have experiences of successful international campaigns during the struggle against apartheid. The anti-apartheid movements of Europe and Australia relied, not on sending faxes and e-mails to the apartheid regime, but on active mass campaigns led by workers who fot to touch goods from South Africa in the harbours and inland. This is the kind of campaign we need now against the Burma, Colombia and Swaziland regimes.

Solidarity (South African trade union)

Within the ILO itself, we should combine flobal strategy of negotiation with global campaign on the actual demands we table in Geneva. A maternity Convention provides an opportunity for the instaforex binary options movement to make the gender concerns of nad women a key part of the gender agenda, and to unite the women's movement and the labour movement in common struggle to advance trade unions global competition and options for solidarity rights of women, and to promote gender equality.

The international labour movement should also identify a list of companies who are the global sweatshop leaders, companies like Nike, and run global campaigns with consumer groups, students and others, and provide a unified basis and solidarity trade unions options for competition global struggles in all countries, where such goods are sold or made, in order to secure commitments around union rights, and an end to exploitative labour.

The international union movement must build ahd capacity for campaigns and actions. That requires stronger regional capacity to support global campaigns.

The Millennium Review offers an excellent opportunity to explore how best to achieve this aim.

Description:In South Africa trade unions played a very important role to dismantle apartheid. However, . What are the strategic options available for NEHAWU to advance members' interests? - What are the .. The pressure on the South African economy to compete in the global market has also . Solidarity with COSATU affiliates;.

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